One Final Scare—Horrorcast

Once coworkers, always friendly competitors for the spotlight, Minki Kim and Tracy Mathews share their love of horror movies — and talking over each other — by retelling every gory detail of one horror film each week. Join these creatives by day, novice film critics by night, as they walk through one movie from start to finish with the hopes that listeners will come back...for one final scare.

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EP 16: Cherry Falls (2000)

If every extra was named in the credits, this movie would include “Blurry Asian Kid #1” because our very own Minki Kim stars in this teenage slasher flick...which means he pops up in the background for a split second during a high school fight scene between a boyfriend and girlfriend. Don’t blink if you watch it to find him! But hey, the actress in the scene was Cybill Shepherd’s daughter and he was on set with the late great Brittany Murphy, and that’s pretty cool. So, this episode begins with a discussion about Minki’s brush with Hollywood and how Tracy “FALLS” all of the time. The two get into how this movie (which seems to be influenced by Psycho, Scream, and Prom Night), takes the typical horror trope of “only the virgins survive” and flips it on its head. 

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EP 07: Stage Fright (1987)

This week, Minki and Tracy realize that sometimes a horror movie is so bad, it’s good. Mental institution escapees stumbling upon a perfect set of soon-to-be victims, cheesy saxophone-based 80’s music, bad dubbing...this movie has it all. T

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EP 01: Death Bell (2008)

Minki and Tracy clumsily dive headfirst into this first episode by retelling and loosely reviewing this semi-gory Korean Horror flick which balances between being a typical Asian Supernatural, complete with a creepy ghost girl exacting revenge, and a sequel to Saw as super smart high school students are being tested in order to save their classmates lives. We also find out that the name of this podcast was almost AMWF.

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