One Final Scare—Horrorcast

Once coworkers, always friendly competitors for the spotlight, Minki Kim and Tracy Mathews share their love of horror movies — and talking over each other — by retelling every gory detail of one horror film each week. Join these creatives by day, novice film critics by night, as they walk through one movie from start to finish with the hopes that listeners will come back...for one final scare.

LIVE at Flashpoint theatre—The Smiling Man (2015)

It’s the first LIVE show...and the first attempt at keeping their banter, movie recap and review to JUST 30 minutes. Quite a challenge for these chatty Cathys. Minki and Tracy introduce themselves to their audience at Laugh Index Theatre’s Comedy Festival, which ran the month of June, and then they open with a few jokes and pokes at each other before getting into this horror short which ran through the film fest circuit last year. It made waves by sending chills down the spines of its audiences starting at SXSW and it’s one of the first horror shorts that both hosts agree on for being an all around stellar film. It’s not so clear exactly who or what the Smiling Man is...but the theme of deranged clowns is clearly present which spurs Tracy to share one of the many terrifying clown photos her mother used to have hanging on the walls of her childhood home. WTF? (See pic on Instagram) Do you have Coulrophobia? If so, enjoy the show!

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