One Final Scare—Horrorcast

Once coworkers, always friendly competitors for the spotlight, Minki Kim and Tracy Mathews share their love of horror movies — and talking over each other — by retelling every gory detail of one horror film each week. Join these creatives by day, novice film critics by night, as they walk through one movie from start to finish with the hopes that listeners will come back...for one final scare.

EP 15: The Void (2017)

Minki and Tracy first discuss an outing they took to see comedian, Rachel Feinstein. They do a poor job of describing her jokes and funnyness...but you should still check her out. Then they stumble through their first Skype chat as they discuss this throwback to 80’s horror films, oozing of Lovecraft, Barker and Carpenter influence. Tracy once again tries to put a rationale on the movie, and Minki isn’t sold. Thanks to a dedicated listener, the mail jingle is back! Keep it alive and email us with the first horror movie you remember watching...or a movie recommendation you’d like to hear us talk about. Next time, we watch Cherry Falls, where Minki apparently was an extra. Tracy must view and heckle.




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