One Final Scare—Horrorcast

Once coworkers, always friendly competitors for the spotlight, Minki Kim and Tracy Mathews share their love of horror movies — and talking over each other — by retelling every gory detail of one horror film each week. Join these creatives by day, novice film critics by night, as they walk through one movie from start to finish with the hopes that listeners will come back...for one final scare.

EP 09: Sadako VS Kayako / Ring VS Grudge (2016)

Get ready... It’s a VERSUS movie this week, which pin the vengeful ghosts from two of the most popular Japanese horrors of all time against each other for an all out battle over who has the wildest long black hair and who has the strongest curse. Minki recaps the premises of the originals before he and Tracy dive into the main event. Given this movie was created nearly two decades after the originals, we see how a curse can adapt in a newer digital age, but besides that, the movie was mainly a revival of our favorite parts of Ring/Ringu or Grudge/Ju-on. Place your bets on the winning ghoul and learn about a few fascinating Japanese urban legends as Tracy schools us on ghosts that haunt public bathrooms and murder little kids.

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